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My Top 25 Favorite Pornstars

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There are many porn stars who I love but there are always stars that I put above the rest.
These are basically my favorites. Most of the stars are somewhat unknown and are more from the late 80s - late 90s. I enjoy some of the new porn today, but it is far less exciting than the old days of classic Napali videos.


Honorable Mentions

Crystal Potter & Jocelyn Potter
These girls are definitely a guilty pleasure. They've only been in three girl/girl videos one with another pair of twins and another with each other. They both have great breasts and love fucking other women. Even each other.

 Shelby Taylor & Courtney Taylor
Now I know what you're thinking. Why do I like sister x sister? Well, I really don't. The Potter Twins, never really touch each other in away that's 'disturbing' (depending on definition) and believe it or not the Taylor's are not related. They are actually married, only in Vegas. But to be at that wedding, uhh! The mind wonders what occured on that honeymoon. I digress. Shelby and Courtney have done a few videos together and "A Girl's Affair 4" is nothing more than superb.


25. Molly Cavalli - I generally can tell when a female is gay for pay, but Cavalli confuses me. In all her videos she is featured with an other woman. She is married, however, and pretty much is gay for pay. However, her performance and pleasure when being with other women is believable, making her fun to watch. And when she REALLY gets into it, she gives some fantastic scenes.

24. Traci Topps - Winner of best supporting actress in my book, Traci is one of those girls you love to see take punishment from other women. Her body is great, her performance is believable, but where she shines is taking it hard from some other girl. Most notably my #1. 

23. Linsey Dawn McKenzie - Sort of an odd choice. I really can't recommend Linsey to all-girl video fans. Linsey has been in a good number of lesbian videos, but nothing to glorify or rate highly. Her body is the aspect I enjoy and without it she would be lost in the crowd. 
File:Linsey dawn mckenzie.JPG

22. Kelly Madison - Real Breasts. Fake Sex. Kelly Madison has some fantastic real breasts. I LOVE THEM. However, when she is with a girl she is always looking at the camera or commenting in some way that is humorous but a turn off. I think it's because she's married and generally does film with her husband, making girl/girl sex less of a passion and more of a job. BUT HER BREASTS! YES!!!!

21. Jasmine Aloha - I absolutely adore Jasmine. She is in one of my favorite porn scenes with Veronica Brazil, and it is one of my favorites simply because of her. If any other girl were in it, it would be absolutely forgettable. However, Jasmine has an intensity in her that is not seen in many women in the industry. She doesn't act gay for pay, she acts like she absolutely loves every second of it. The only fault is that she isn't in more girl-on-girl videos.

20. Tera Patrick - Asian. Hot. Big ol boobs. Well yeah, duh. Tera Patrick, once again, is that chick you watch to watch get fucked. She's just perfect for that role. A scene with her is simple. She walks in, sees a chick, and gets fucked by her. Her best scene is definitely with Brittney Skye in 'Teradise Island 2'.

19. Minka - I like her body and her breasts. However, Minka varies from video to video with me. Sometimes she seems hotter than hot and other times she seems damn horrible. Overall, however, Minka has always been the big breasted beauty you just want to see fuck something, and she delivers. One of her best works is with Angelique in the film 'Emergency Ward Double D.'

18. Lisa Lipps - Sort of an odd favorite of mine. Her performance's aren't that great, but her body is where she makes up for it. She can always look sexy without really trying and when she's into a scene, she gets really into it. Love her or hate her, you can't fault the woman on appearance.

17. Vanessa Blue - Ironically my least favorite ebony porn star, yet the most well-known, Vanessa brings a certain gritty and rough performance to every movie she's in. She has a presence that makes you scared that she is going to beat the shit out of you as she fucks you, and that is her intention.

16. Barocca - I've seen great scenes from Barocca in classic Napali films, going toe-to-toe with other great porn stars also on this list. She is very quiet but loves to love women every chance she gets.

15. Dominique Simone - Also another regular at Napali, Dominique exhibits great pleasure in sucking and fucking other women. Her best performance can be seen with Veronica Brazil in 'Black Butt Jungle.' Where she gets teared up by Veronica.

14. Sofia Staks - A fellow Napali girl by trade, Sofia Staks is one of those girls who looks great a majority of the time, but sometimes looks zombified. Oddly still working today, she continues to pull off a hot white Minka who usually has great curb appeal. Most of her work is difficult to find but is well worth the time. Definitely try to find her scene with Greta Carlson in 'Titty Titty Bang Bang'. An odd, but very hot scene. 

13. Tonisha Mills - Tonisha Mills has more passion for sex in her pinky finger, than most porn stars of today have in their entire body. She always has great showmanship in her girl/girl scenes in and out of Napali films. Her greatest scene can definitely be seen in 'The Bottom Dwellers #5' with Sana Fey. The scene is nothing more than hardening.

12. Sarenna Lee - Sarenna Lee has been in few films, all girl-on-girl, and though she is 'hot'. I've never really watched her for her, if that makes sense. She always found her way to be fucked by some other hot women who do the work for her. She would always lie back and let the other girl go to down while she jiggle, laugh, and do her 'minimal' fair share. I'd recommend her scene with Sana Fey in 'Tit to Tit Collection 2' if you don't believe me.

11. Gina Lynn - Like Shyla Stylez, it's more looks than actual track record. She's been in some pretty hot girl/girl scenes and never disappoints. Here run on "Strap-On Sally" is definitely here greatest work and I highly recommend watching all the scenes she's in. 

10. Devon Michaels - Devon. Devon. Devon. The name itself brings my legs to quiver. Once a personal trainer, Devon soon cashed her skills in as a trainer for skills as a porn star. Her performances never cease to amaze me. With her fine bendable and functional body. i recommend any scene with her and fellow porn star Tanya Danielle. The chemistry between these two is second to none... Well maybe second to number 4 on the list.

9. Deauxma - Orgasms. That is all. 

8. Ava Devine - Damn. Ava Devine is one of those women you wish would have a career like Jenna Jameson. 100s and 1000s of videos that makes her famous all around the world. Ava, however, never really got that fame (though most, if not all, of the other stars on this forum deserve it far more then Jenna...). She has gem like videos here and there with other women which fulfill every man's fantasies. Ava is a very rough star, never fearing dp or half the shit most stars would never do in a million years. She has a great sexiness that goes unappreciated with girl/girl scenes. She's always REALLY in to it, but never got that BIG movie that put her over the edge. Now a day she does a lot of... well... Not my cup-of-tea porn.

7. Gianna Michaels - Damn I hope those tits are real. She claims they are, but really I don't care they're spectacular either way. Gianna Michaels is one of those pornstars you either love to love or love to hate. She's hot in my book and has done some great girl/girl scenes. I recommend her scene with Sara Jay for Sara's website. It is beyond HOT. Gianna has some great talent and passion for her craft, which is honestly absent in most of porn today. She seems fake but the body more than makes up for it.

6. Nina Mercedez - Yes, I know. Who isn't turned fajita hot when they see Nina Mercedez. The ass, the breasts, the body. Simply perfect. Almost too perfect... She's hot, has great girl/girl... hell great girl/guy scenes from what I've previewed... but sometimes seems to be coasting on that perfection. Many times, mainly in her early work, it was her body doing the work and she lied back and emoted occasionally. However, her recent work has gotten significantly better. I recommend her scene with Evie Delatosso & Kayla Carrera in 'Latin Adultery'.

5. Donita Dunes - Donita is one of those women you've either watched with a passion or not at all. What I mean is, you see her and you either boo her tits or want to motorboat the hell out of them (They're definitely an acquired taste). Donita had more luck in the girl/boy department then in the girl/girl department from what I can tell, but her scenes with women are simply sublime. I consider her to be the Arnold Schwarzenegger of porn in the '90s - early '00s. She acted horribly, but always performed some kickass/hot scenes that leave you in awe. I would put her higher on the list, however, she never really got a movie that was perfect (AND I MEAN PERFECT). In almost all her films with girl/girl scenes there was always some flaw in the scene. Sometimes it was her, sometimes it was the partner, other times it was with the toys they used (or lack of), and other times it was quickness of the scene. She had a knack for being in something that was nearly perfect, but not entirely there.

4. Summer Cummings - The definition of a great piece of steak. Summer Cummings had a great ride through her time in the 1990s - 2002. Why 2002? Well its two words: Skye Blue. Skye Blue was her girlfriend/business partner for many years. But once they broke it off their careers never seemed to bounce back. Every time you see them on screen together you knew they fucked regularly and knew the ins and outs of each other’s' bodies. From kiss to orgasm they knew what they were doing and how to do it. Hell I'll say it, they loved doing it, they loved doing each other, and they loved each other. However, once that ended it was the end of their careers (in my book). Summer was hot and Skye was hot for her. Know you might be wondering: Why isn't Skye on this list? Well Skye is an acquired taste. Her body is rocking and everything about her is just great, but I feel of the two of them Summer is far superior, for her work outside of their relationship wasn't terrible and was at least hot in its own respect. Skye is nothing without Summer, but at least Summer was able to keep going.
summer cummings

3. Lisa Daniels - Know here is a girl that is different than a lot of the other girls on this list. She isn't as tall or busty as the other women on the list. However, Lisa Daniels has been EVERYWHERE. Lisa has done great works in MilfNextDoor, PussyMan, and even South Park (O YEAH, Look it up). Lisa has always been a girl ready to fuck and fuck faster than most other stars that I have watched. She always seems to get her way with women and loves doing them as well. Whether it be in a three way or a passionate 1 on 1 scene, she always outshines the girl she is with. Her best scene, by far, is with Sunrise Adams in 'Sunrise Adams is a Sex Addict'. It is hot, passionate, and orgasmic (for the actresses too, watch carefully). All in all, she is the best porn star of the current era of porn. She is simplistic, hot, fiery, and passionate for her work.

2. Joi Reno - A Joi of two cities. Yes. A terrible phrase but it holds true. Joi had a monumentally unnoticed career in the Napali Videos industry, where she appeared in more films than any other star on their pay roll. She was fantastic in both dominant and dominated rolls. She exhumed a sort of ecstasy that most call fake but I call unnoticed. She loved lying back and tacking it from a boob crushing Minka, Vanessa Blue, Dominique Simone, Barroca, Summer Cummings, Sofia Staks, Tanya Danielle, Danielle Derek, Devon Michaels, Holly Body, and Lovette (JUST FROM THIS LIST). She did and saw many of the greatest porn stars. As they became more popular, however, she vanished to the background. She never really got her spotlight outside the Napali realm, which is where her second city begins. She had another name, Whitney Prescott, and did bondage and that crap. I don't enjoy it, I've only watched a bit for curiosity of her and yeah. If you like that. Great! But NOT for me. Joi Reno is hot, seductive, pleasant on the eyes, and even more pleasant on a bed. Highly unnoticed, but highly loved by me. 

1. Sana Fey - If you haven't heard of Sana Fey.... SHAME. Usually, when one thinks of a red head you immediately associate the words 'No' and 'Soul' with that thought and images something hideous such as... Carrot Top. However, Sana Fey is the one of the exceptions to this thought process. Born in California, she achieved great marks both in and out of school (achieving a 4.0 at the end of high school). She taught aerobics for a while until she began dancing at a strip club for cash (THANK GOD she didn't do what every 4.0 gpa student does and go to Harvard). Eventually she was introduced to the adult film industry and began a fantastic career that goes unnoticed in today's porn industry. Never has acrobatic abilities enhanced every aspect of a porn video. With a 40EE cup and 36 ass she is clearly the epitome of Sexy.

Today the industry is flooded with amateurs and special effects that attempt to appease the internet filled audience that has no need to... 'purchase' films. Sana Fey, Donita Dunes, Joi Reno, Summer Cummings, etc. were a revolutionary mark in the porn industry, most notably for there contributions to the lesbian genre. I admit, I enjoy todays porn as well. Lisa Daniels, Nina Mercedez, Gianna Michaels, and Kelly Madison are all well and good and at least attribute something watchable to this modern porn.


Nice list. I have heard only few porn star from above list. But where is Sunny Leone and Brianna Love in above list? They are looking so sexy and gorgeous and they did so many hardcore videos.Hope you will update the new list which you consider this both porn star.
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It was because of actresses as these I stopped watching pornography between decades 1990 and 2000. They were artificial women, both in the proportions of their bodies as their gestures on stage. They don't look your partners in the eyes, they don't smile at them, they only groan and shout with dildos buried anywhere. Thank God, new studios appeared like Sweetheart, Girlfriends, VivThomas, Lesbea, JAV, where dildos are virtually dispensable and fingers are finally recovered. lesbianism made ​​by/for lesbians, and not men. Molly Cavalli is the only in this list that don't runs to the old style. In fact, a woman need not be exclusively homessexual to make great scenes with other women... and enjoy it.

hey i cant find that video any where of molly cavalli what's it's name?

chirag... It's Molly & Meilani in "Lipstick Loving", episode of RealityKings ;)

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